Senators Have Developed A Federal Supervision Law For Sports Betting

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January 10, 2022
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Sports rates in the united states may fall under a strengthed federal supervision in accordance with the new bill put forward by two high-ranking senators.

Senators Have Developed A Federal Supervision Law for Sports Betting

On wednesday, december 19, associated press agency reported than in recent days of the current session of the congress senators chak sumer and orrin hatch are preparing to submit a bill on honesty market of sports rates.

Before consideration of the draft law in congress, each of the senators did on the accompanying statement. Since hatch resigns and will not work in the new year, he expressed the hope that the legislators will still continue work on the draft law and over the problem as a whole.

Sumer said he «will resolutely advocate the promotion of this bill and for the fact that congress votes for the apption of federal legislation as soon as». However, experts do not believe that the law will be adopted in the shortest possible time due to lack of time before christmas holidays.

The new bill is largely reminiscent of the project, which was published earlier this month. The idea is to entrust the federal government responsibility for approving the state-level legislation in order to ensure its compliance with the unified set of standards.

Among these standards – mandatory use of graded data liga. On the other hand, the league should not insist on previous requiements for compensation for maintaining good faith in sports.

The bill received positive feedback from the us sports league, including the national football league, which offered its «determining support» legislation as the project «complies with basic standards».

American gambling association (aga) has a completely different opinion about the bill. Aga representatives described it as «the decision representing an unprecedented and inappropriate expancedented and inappropriate in the gaming industry».

Since the us supreme court conceled the federal ban on rates, six states – delaware, mississippi, new jersey, pennsylvania, rhode island and west virginia – joined nevada, legalizing sports betting. New mexico still did not formally legalized betting activities, but tribal casinos are already providing relevant services. Also this week district columbia approved its own legislation regulating sports rates.

Recall that the h2 gambling capital, the data provider in the field of online gambling, assumes that the gross income of the american market of sports betting will exceed the indicators of great britain in the next five years.

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