Send Legend To Knockout: Challdors Lined Up In The Queue Waiting For A Response To Klitschko

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February 8, 2022
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The world of professional boxing froze in anticipation of the answer of dazn on the ring. Stregnation platform doubled the fee on the eve of the birthday of the boxer, which is now $ 80 million. But what motivated athlete himself, what they think about his return colleague on the workshop and – the most important question – who risens send boxing legend to knocot, read in the material.

Send Legend to Knockout: Challdors Lined Up in the Queue Waiting For a Response to Klitschko

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Tailing of the boxing world recently blew up news about a possible return to the ring of the young klitschko. Dazn streaming platform made a boxer an attractive financial of the 43th anniversary of the boxer double rates up to $ 80 million. Under the terms of the proposed contract, klitschko must be offset in threee fights: the fight against the boxer from the top 10 world standings, the second and third – revenge against anthony joshua and tyson fury. To make a final decision from vladimir there is time until the end of march.

Boxing wednesday to the news respondded ambiguously, someone how hamit provokes, someone confesses to «love and respect», emphasizing what to boux with klitschko – this is the honor.

Even lennox lewis could not definitely decide on his attitude to what. The athlete said that he always felt the potential in vladimir to collect all the belts and replace him in the ring, but the desire to remain the only one who succeeded, – part of human nature, – always interfered with klitschko’s fists to the end.

About why lennox lewis criticized anthony joshua hard, read in our material.

Tom laffer, a famous promoter, said that in case of returning the young klitschko, the spectacular battle of heavyweights with deontey wilder would love to the ring with pleasure. In turn, the latter is not delighted with the perspective to boux with klitschko. In an interview wort metro.Co.Uk super thread and acting champion according to wbc declares that at the moment klitschko – no more thank order to boux with it, you need to be truly ready.

Date, location and everything you need to know about revenche wilder – fury, read in our material.

Contrasts with arrogant wilder states «invitation» on the fight klitschko from manuel charra. Lebanese published on the personal page in instagram appeal to vladimir, in which the ukrainian in love was practically admitted, saying that klitschko – his personal learning example.

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Wladimir klitschko, @klitschko i heard you are planning a comeback in the boxing ring. I was honestly thrilled to hear those news. I want to officially challenge you to fight against me. I hope that i may welcome you in the boxing ring after my pending duty defense. I respect you to the deepest, wladimir. You are an outstanding sportsman and one of my role models. In 2012 i unfortunately lost against your brother vitali by technical ko in moscow. Therefore to me there is – between sportsmen – still an open bill to pay. You and me fighting for the heavyweight crown: herewith i officially challenge you. ___________ wladimir klitschko es gibt das gerücht, dass du ein comeback im ring planst. Ich war sehr erfreut über diese nachricht ! Ich möcte dich offiziell herausfordern und hoffe dich nach meiner pflichtverteidgung im ring begrüßen zu dürfen. Ich respektiere dich sehr, wladimir. Du bist ein großer sportler und auch ein vorbild für mich. Ich habe 2012 leider gegen dein bruder vitali durch ein technisches ko in moskau verloren, es ist also für mich -zwischen sportlern- noch eine rechnung offen. Du und ich um den wba wm titel: hiermit fordere ich dich offiziell heraus. #teamdiamondboy #vonderstrassezudensternen

Publication ot ???? Diamondboy ???? (@manuelcharr) 22 mar 2019 at 10:17 pdt

Meanwhile, klitschko takes congratulations from the president of ukraine, he holds sparring sessions with a mustus and, of course, holds fans in a tone, publishing ambiguous statements and heated interest in restarting his own boxing career.

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Thank you for the experience, champ! ???????????????????????? #usyk #wladimirklitschko #usyksportswear

Publication from usyk aleksandr (@usykaa) 22 mar 2019 at 10:45 pdt

Volodimir @klitschko long – alive legend, this is a brother vіtalіm – one iz nyivіdomіst ukrainian. Rodiyaki іstoriy’s swear brother about ukraine i know svіti!

Scho v_tya volodyramir w on the day! Pic.Twitter.Com / qdo30gluvi

— petro poroshenko (@poroshenko)
march 25, 2019.

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#facethechallenge #brainandpower #unbeatable #willpower

Publication from wladimir klitschko (@klitschko) 18 mar 2019 at 8:27 pdt

Recall that tyson fury was blocked «wikipedia» for trying to edit information about vladimir klitschko.

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