Sergey Rozanov Went To Plushenko Because Of The Request Of The Parents

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July 27, 2022
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One of the most popular coaches of the academy evgenia plushenko sergey rozanov finally gave a great interview. He spoke about situations with sasha poduchi and alena kosostna, and also issueed several interesting insides. We disassemble exclusive sports news.

Sergey Rozanov Went To Plushenko Because of the Request of the Parents

Photo source: ria novosti / alexander wilf, dmitry golubovich / global look press, yutaka / aflo

Coach sergey rozanov told why he left tutberidze and under what circumstances the cosostic and cowardov returned

Russian coach for figure skating sergey rozanov – one of the most scandalous persons skating in the past season. Certainly, in terms of the frequency of discussions with sasha, the coward or alena, the crochet cannot be compared, but usually a quiet and low-effective in social networks and the internet, a specialist managed many to surprise the coup in his own career. In his fresh interviews for sport24, he answered many questions and told more details about the transitions of famous figure skaters of russia.

To begin with, it is necessary to recall that rozanov left eteri tutberidze to eugene plushenko together with alexandra. As it turned out, the specialist wanted to leave «crystal» even before it became known about the decision of sasha to change the coach, and daniel gleihenghauses himself became known. According to rozanov, he personally tried to persuade the figure skater to stay and think more than a long time, but the parents of the coward were determined, and at that time the conversation with evgeny plushenko was already held.

But the situation turned around so that the parents of the panties offered rosanov to go along with their daughter, as he helped her a lot with her four. It was assured that everything will be fine and they should try this format of cooperation. Soon he phoned plushenko – and everything decided.

By the way, rozanov confirmed that he stopped working with a coward due to the transition of alena costorna. Sergey worked with quadistus actually until the end of july – approximately then k «angels» joined the champion of europe, with which coward did not want to divide the ice and coach. Interestingly, the fact that for rosanov did not become the news that both figure skaters did not receive the desired in the new academy and returned to eter tutberidze.

Alain Kosostna, Alexandra Trussova

Photo source: ria novosti / alexander wilf

«Here it is not that me and zhenya plushenko – bad coaches. Saying from eteri georgievna, athletes did not understand that she was a strong coach for them, which brought them to a high level», – says rozanov.

By the way, alena kosostna last summer he himself called him and asked for a group with plushenko. The girl did not suit some moments in «crystal», who sergey rozanov did not detail. The transition, as we know, took place, but the return of both athletes to tutberidze rotanova even delighted.

«It’s good that the work wick with sasha with their coach. Let be preparing on», – noted by a specialist.

According to sergey rozanova, the figure skater tutberidze does not work out to realize itself from other coaches due to the system or because of the most ete georgievna. Specialist always knew how to configure athletes in training and competitions, which can have a strong influence on the figure skaters.

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