Seven Leisure Launches Superseven Online Casino Based On Gig

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April 22, 2022
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Seven Leisure Launches SuperSeven Online Casino Based On Gig

This week, seven leisure investments bv successfully launchedments bv successfully launched its flagship brand casino superseven through its own igaming gaming innovation group platform.

Seven leisure is a private company and superseven launched today is the first online brand company. 

New online casino, created using the gig interface, will provide superseven players for a competitive online casino with a unique appearance, ensuring that their online competitors. The superseven online casino offers exciting elements of gamefice that significantly improve the gameplay of users, allowing them to use their own skills and perception to win large prizes. 

For further support for the launch of gig, it will ensure constant support for operations, including payments, as well as support for risks and fraud through its managed service management department. 

Tim parker, chief operational director of seven leisure, said:

"I am very happy to see that the first stage of this project is so smooth and easy. We we were able to bring to the the market a unique appearance and sensations that woudher development and creating new unique elements of the proposal in the coming months. ".

Richard brown, ceo gig, said:

"When we launch a new brand, each in gig experiences a sense of pride, especially when the values of this brand concerning the safety of players and customer satisfaction complement our own. I have no doubt that the power of the igaming gig platform in combination with the experience of the weeterans team of the seven leisure industry is designed to create a leading brand online casino."

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