Seven Operators Suffered From Disposal Of Blocking Payments In Norway

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January 28, 2022
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Norwegian gambling management (lottstift) in february ordered the banks of the country to stop the processing of transactions for the three operators of gambling business. Thus, the total number of orders for blocking payments issued by the regulator reached seven.

Seven Operators Suffered from Disposal of Blocking Payments in Norway

Earlier this month, lottstift issued orders for international and local banks on transaction blocking in norwegian banks firstclear limited, a subsidiary of kindred group, lucky dino gaming and dreambox games.

Lucky dino gaming works under the license of the maltese gambling management, while the work of dreambox games is regulated by the tax and customs department of estonia.

In november 2018, the gambling regulator has already applied sanctions against betsson, cerry’s co-gaming, gaming innovation group and licensed in malta and in the uk operator l & l europe players ltd.

«Organize gambling in norway without the appriate license is not allowed, – slave representative lottstift. – norsk tipping and norsk rikstoto – single gambling operators who have permission to online gambling in norway. In three norwegian laws on gambling, it is clearly stated payment operations by gambling operators that do not have an appropriate work permit in the country».

According to the updated rules adopted last year after public consultations, lottstift can issue orders for prohibit, using specific account numbers for both norwegian and foreign banks. The regulator noted that it is currently working with about 200 banks to ensure the effectiveness of the execution of these orders.

Disputes around advertising

Disputes around advertising

Attempts are also being taken to close «lazake», allowing gambling operators to advertise their services on satellite channels that are broadcast to norway from other countries.

However, operators dispute it. So, for example, the kindred group filed a lawsuit against the ministry of culture of norway, the state department, which controls lottstift. The company believes that the regulator goes beyond its powers, introducing unfair restrictions, including blocking payments and ban on placing applications in the app store in norway. The case will probably be considered in the city court of oslo in the fall of 2019.

Earlier it became known that a new sectoral organization was created in norway, whose activities are aimed at promoting the initiatives to revise restrictive policies against gembling operators.

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