Shares Of Gambling Operators In Las Vegas Fall In Price

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January 13, 2022
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Over the past twelve months, the cumulative value of the shares of most gambling companies in las vegas has decreased by more than 30% year in annual.

Shares of gambling operators in Las Vegas fall in price

The crisis is caused by the unrest of investors in connection with the trading war between china and the united states.

According to the message published on monday in the newspaper las vegas review-journal, the value of the industrial index — jones for the us gambling industry has decreased by about 33%. The local gambling industry since the great recession, which occurred 10 years ago.

Shares of scientific games corporation are currently about 65% less than a year ago. International game technology (igt) slot machine developer shares also fell in value by about 43%, during 2018.

Due to the reduction of income tax on individuals and legal entities initiated by president donald trump, it was assumed that wynn resorts limited and las vegas sands corporation could «save» $ 340 million and 526 million respectively. However. The trading war between the countries led to a decrease in total gross income from gambling in macau, where and wynn resorts limited, and las vegas sands corporation controls large integrated casino resorts.

Currently, the value of las vegas sands corporation shares is 22% less than in january 2018. Wynn resorts limited shares fell in price by 41% year in annual.

Recall: according to experts forecasts, thanks to the annual growth by 2020, the volume of the macau market will reach $ 146 billion.

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