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April 26, 2022
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Roman sharonov from the first days as the head coach «rubin» fans and journalists fell in love. But the absence of victories and finding a team in the departure zone led to his resignation today. Read more in material.

Sharonov no longer coach 'Rubin': official

Roman sharonov vel «ruby» on the way «hawie metal»

Changes one of the most successful coaches in the post «rubin», kurban berdieva, roman sharonov breathed fresh blood to the team. Understanding that the club’s financial condition does not allow to make serious and expensive transfers, a young specialist made a bet on youth. This idea fully answered the wishes of the club, who did not mind and earn money on the sale of his talented players.

On the dismissal of kurban berdyev from the club, we wrote in detail in our article.

And at first, roman sergeevich had everything. Bold solutions in the tactical buildings and the style of sharonov, laid on his ability to motivate their players. «Ruby» that and the case took away points from leaders and initial forecasts about the potential flight of the kazan team from the rfpl began to seem nonsense.

But soon the crisis has come. «Ruby» tight forgot what to win. The last victory was october 25 «tambov», after that, only a draw and defeat. Yes, the game team left hopes for correcting the situation, but the games are forgotten, and you remember all the result.

As a result, this morning the information appeared that roman sharonov held a meeting with the leadership and soon the club will announce his resignation. Just a few hours after the first publications in the media, a short note appeared on the official website of the club that by mutual agreement of the parties, the contract between and the trainer and the salmon – terminate. «Ruby» thanked multiple words of a specialist for the contribution of the work done and wanted success.

Who will take the place of roman sharonov remains unknown. Instead of name, the club published on the page in «twitter» animation with an empty chair and signature «soon».

We advise you to read our material in which we trid to explain why roman sharonov could not be dismissal in september.

Earlier, we we wrote about the possible transition of miranschuk in «juventus».

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