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July 22, 2022
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Sharp launches new sports betting app

Friday, august 19, sharp announced the launch of its eponymous assembly application for sports.

The company, founded in 2020 by the leaders of win daily and dfs army to sports rates on sports and fantasy sports, stated that the application provides a universal platform with multimedia content, tools and solutions designed to study and expand the capabilities of players that make sports rates. Make more reasonable solutions and manage your actions.

Sharp said that an anchor application function – "sharp academy", which she described as a multimedia master class, which will teach all levels of skills to various aspects of sports betting.

As reported, sharp academy, headed by an expert at sport by john alessia, will produce content (podcasts, live broadcasts and articles) with advice, tips and strategies aimed at splitting sports rates on their fundamental elements.

Sharp academy will be free for the first 1000 downloads sharp applications.

"Despite the fact that the bids on the sport are rapidly gaining strength throughout america, there is a significant market segment that still remains aside, because they do not know how to make bets, to pay attention and how success looks over time." – co-founder sharp. And ceo kevin epstines said in his statement. "Annexes that use innovative technologies focused on user training and self-government have already become the second kind of consumers seeking to strengthen their personal finances or health and fitness regime, and the sport rates should not be an exception. Together with sharp, we have created an ideal platform with tools and content that we would like to have when they started doing sports bets ".

Experts at the rates for sports and heads of companies alessia, epstein and jason mesras will create content for the application. Sharpe said that additional famous experts on sports rates hired to create content for the platform will be announced later.

Mezras, co-founder and chief operating officer added:

"Combining win daily and dfs army, we bring the decades of experience that combines content and experts at the rate of sports with patented technologies that will continue to develop and implement innovations as the industry increases and expand. Users can count on daily content on spectrum of sports and tools that will help ensure the historical perspective of personal bets and real-time statistics to help make the best player solutions. There is a shortage of educational products at the market rates, and we are pleased that users start looking for the benefit from the sharp platform ".

Additional application functions include betting technology, check chances and command forecasts and players.

Currently, the sharp application can be downloaded for android and ios.

Source: gaming america

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