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January 30, 2023
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The largest gambling sigma summit recorded a record number of visitors in 2018. The first details of the event became known.

Sigma Recorded A Record Number of Participants This Year

Photo source: igacademy.Com

12 500 delegates, rapporteurs and sponsors gathered to participate in sigma 2018 summit, having traveled previously achieved attendance records and installing a standard for future events. Event, held from 28 to 30 november, caused great interest from both local and international experts, which brought sigma 2018 new world-class prospects.

The event began with a solemn award ceremony, in which the most outstanding market leaders were rewarded for their contribution to the development and growth of the industry. There were many awards.

During the three-day event, six conferences and seminars were held, in which industry experts discussed a wide range of topical topics: from the internet of topical topics: from the introduction of blockchain technology in online gambling to legislative changes relating to the gambling industry.

On each of the seminars was an allchela. The halls were overcrowded by participants who wish to make reports dedicated to the developing latam markets, as well as on the topic that was always relevant for women working in the online gambling industry. The meeting also provided delegates a complete set of opportunities for nonifying.

From the famous representatives of the industry in iven, an expert on the developing african markets john kamara, general director of the malta khitkliff farrug, guru on artificial intelligence angelo dalli, consultant for the exchange of open data brock pier and prime minister malta joseph muscat.

Participants also received the possibility of personal communication in a relaxed atmosphere within the framework of igathering and crypto cruise.

To learn more about how it was, you can directly broadcast for this link.

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