“Silence” Of Ovechkin Did Not Prevent “Washington” To Defeat “San Jose”

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April 22, 2022
3 minutes

«Washington capitals» continued his victorious series in the nhl, which is alady four matches. But if the last game «metropolitan» won in many ways thanks to hat-trick alexander ovechkin, then in this russian «silent». The team of the team became john carlson. Read more in material.

From russians became the most productive eagles

«Washington capitals» this season is one of the most interesting teams, and it is not only that the club is somewhat well-known athletes from russia. The case in the nature and results they show almost always this tense battles with intrigue until the: very end. Tense expected and departure to «san jose», team with one of the most experienced comptions in the league.

To this fight «metropolitan» approached rested (a few days from the past match) and after bright victory over «detroit». Alexander ovechkin (hat-trick and ass) and yevgeny kuznetsov (three ass) became the main characters of that meeting. The match ended up with a score of 5: 2 in favor «washington».

On the records of ovechkin and the head of the kuznetsov’s head, we wrote in a sparate material.

Game s «san jose» according to the result ended with a similar account, only this time without the participation of two star russians. And the role of the main star was tried by a defender «metropolitan» john carlson. By missed first, «caps» for three minutes, the distinguished themselves three times and in all attacks they took part (two ass and one crab washer).

But wort «russian trail» nevertheless. In the last goal «washington» the defender of dmitry orlov, the defender, having participating in the head attack and writing out one point of utility at his own expense.

As a result, a team from the capital of the united states takes second place in the overlas standings, having an equal number of points with «boston brins», but playing one game more. Alexander ovechkin is located on a similar line in the list of sniper with 20 pucks, and john carlson brought his actions to the 6th place in the scorer list with 39 points on the system gol + pas.

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