Sinitsina And Katsalapov: Dance On Ice (Video)

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February 11, 2022
2 minutes

Nowhere is so acutely felt by the competitive spirit, as in sports, so as it were not to upset some results of the national team on ccm, sometimes it is important to just stop and enjoy the great moment. Delicate, graceful and technical dance on ice from sinitsina and katsalapov see in our material.

Sinitsina and Katsalapov: Dance On Ice (Video)

The program of the second competitive day at the world command championships involves performances of couples: sports and dance, in short and arbitrary programs, respectively, as well as the representation of an arbitrary program in the execution of men.

The final performance of medvedeva, zagita and tuktamyshava on the ice show in japan, see our material.

Russian couple natalia zabiyako and alexander enbert became the best and earned in the command offset of 12 points for the execution of a short program. Couple installed personal record – 75.80 points. In the second place were french vanessa james and morgan sipre.

Tarasova praised athletes for excellent understanding of music. Let’s appreciate how it was.

Butt in silver medalists of the world cup victoria sinitina and nikita katsalapov, unfortunately, to achieve the first place for the team and failed. True, in order to bypass vika and nikita french gabriele papadakis and guillaume sizeron had to beat the world record, earning 135.82 points. Forwarding annoyance, it shold be noted that the couple realy performed very worthily, and, however, judge for yourself and share the opinion with us in the comments.

Vika and nikita performed their ice dance under the work of johanna sebastian bach – «air». Gentle and lungs, the perefectly roll back the program without visible mistakes and scored 130.63 points. Unfortunately, this was not enough.

After the speech, tarasova noted that it was the couples who carry team competitions on their shoulders and at the same time manage to decorate them with their presence. Here, of course, you can argue, remembering the excellent performance of liza tuktamysheva. But it will not be better to argue, but just look at the execution of an arbitrary program of sinitina and katsalapov.

Speeches elizabeth tuktamysheva and sophia selfarova look in our material.

Recall that the main confrontation of the team championship is brewing between russians with tuktamyshev and savior and japanese women rica kihira and cori sakamoto.

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