Skate Canada: Medvedev, Coward And Kijira Will Compete For The “Gold” Of The Canadian Grand Prix

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April 14, 2022
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October 25 in kelown (canada) starts the second stage of the grand prix for figure skating season 2019/2020. Schedule, participants’ composition and tournament favorites – in our material.

Skate Canada: Medvedev, Coward and Kijira will compete for the 'gold' of the Canadian Grand Prix
Content: 1. Skate canada 2019 participants (women) 2. Skate canada 2019: schedule (moscow time)

Skate canada 2019 participants (women)

Just a week ago, the first grand prix ended in the us, and figure skating fans are already prepared for a new stage, which will be filled with no less intrigue than the first. And again the focus is focused on solo women, competition among which this year is particularly tough. In canada, three figure skater will take part in russia, this time it is evgeny medvedev, alexander trussov and seraphim sakhanovich. The first two are considered the main favers of competition.

Alexandra in this season debuted in an adult championship, going to conquer gold medals on «challenger» in slovakia and putting two world records at once – in an arbitrary program and the amount of scored points. At the stage in canada, new accomplishments are waiting for it.

To resist her eugene medvedev. Skate canada for her good chance to declare himself this year. On account of zhenya in the new season «gold» in shanghai i «silver» on the «challenger» autumn classic in canada. Rica rica kijire lost.

Japanese, according to experts, will be the main rival of the two athletes above. Rick for the first time loudly declared itself last year, bypassing alina zagitov in the final. In addition to this trinity, it is worth noting the american bradie tennell, who unexpectedly took «silver» on skate america, bypassing elizabeth tuktamyshev.

Full list of speakers:

Full list of speakers

To see what grand prix will be attended by the wards eteri tutberidze, you can in our special material with a schedule.

Skate canada 2019: schedule (moscow time)

Performances at the grandforward skating grand primary (canada) start on october 25, but athletes will arrive for rehearsals and runs from october 23. The next day a draw will pass. Broadcast speeches athletes in russia will be «first channel».

SKATE CANADA 2019: Schedule (Moscow time)

Last year, the grand prix of canada (figure skating of a woman) celebrated elizabeth tuktamysheva, and evgenia medvedev was content with «bronze».

We advise you to read our calendar of figure skating competitions for 2020.

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