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September 7, 2022
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The slotegrator team has developed a new solution for the online casino "casino-design", allowing operators to keep custom interest in their own gembling projects. In the igaming-industry was in activity, the igaming-industry was in a situation where the audience and a sharp surge of demand for entertainment game content – not the most far-sighted strategy. After all, the normalization of the global situation will mean an imminible decline in indicators.

WordPress-based platform, technically fully equipped with all necessary (game content, payment methods, administrative modules and management tools), provides the owners of this solution to the spectrum of opportunities to promote their business project. Full brand customization, given the high level of competition in the igaming market, this is a wonderful chance to stand out among the rest.

The "casino-designer" function cal be called "multisite" mode, expanding the boundaries of operators when engaging new audience segments, as well as when enering new markets. Possessing a single administrative panel, the owner of the casino is unlimited in the number of new sites, as well as relative to their external implementation. The operator will be able to promptly and independently make any changes to the design of each of its sites.

"Casino-designer" offers a completely new level of affiliate programs. If earlier the classical interaction between operators and partners was limited exclusively to remuneration for attracted players, now each of the parties can receive additional benefits. For example, affiliates can form an appearance of an affiliate site, the owner of which is the operator, to determine the domain name and site architecture. In turn, the operator retains the last word in relation to partner site, establishing the principles of its work.

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