Slovak Monopoly Gambling Operator Was Under The Close Attention Of The Regulator

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April 22, 2022
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The monopoly operator of slovakia slovakia tipos was under the close attention of the controlling office due to the scandal associated with money laundering. The head of the company was arrested after search in the offices belonging to the company.

Slovak Monopoly Gambling Operator Was Under the Close Attention of the Regulator

About 30 employees of the naka (naka) visited tipos offices in bratislava, as a result, the head of the company yang borchi and the director of the information technology milos preszets turned out to be challenged in handcuffs. Both will appear before court, which will determine their further fate.

According to local media reports, both officials will be charged associated with the obligations of foreign property management and assistance in laundering of income received from criminal activity.

The ministry of finance, as well as official representatives of the company itself, retain silence regarding who manages the company after the arrest of management.

It has been reported that naka according to money launing through tipos online accounts. It also became known that the money of dubious origin was deposited on not active tipos accounts, and then translated into private bank accounts. In this case, no trace of gambling actions remains.

According to media representatives, we can talk about the years fraudulent actions. But the amount out that the amount «washed» funds are rather modest – €500 thouusand. At the moment, the controlling agency finds out what the crime of suspects. The leaders or ignored illegal activities, or received personal benefits from it.

According to Media Representatives, We Can Talk About the Years Fraudulent Actions

In april 2018, the company closed 142 player accounts, expressing suspicion that money laundering operations are carriy out through accounts. According to the official version of the company, it was about €260 thousand., however, journalists suspected than amount is much more – €20 million. An anonymous source said that from borchi there was a place to be interference in an investigation of such activities.

Indition, the controlling office showed interest in the assitant borci, the name of which remained not named. The latter probably promoted money launing activities.

Tipos provides slovaks online gambling services related to lottery games, bookmake, casino and poker games. Exactly a year ago, parliamentarians decided to expand the market and licensing of private gambling operators. The decision was brought by president andrei kiska. However, the legislators have overcome the presidential veto. It was originally planned that in the new conditions the online gambling market will earn on july 1, 2020.

Recall that in slovakia, new restrictions were introduced for the work of the gambling industry. 12 days a year gambling establishments will not be available.

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