Slovakia: A Veto Was Imposed On A New Gambling Law

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January 11, 2022
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President of slovakia andrei pusska did not approve edits into a law on online hembaling even after the bill was approved by parliament.

Slovakia: A veto was imposed on a new gambling law

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According to the head of state, new rules that limit gambling, in a lack of degree protect the rights of consumers. For example, the president believes, all bankrupt companies must be made to the national register and are excluded from the gambling-industry.

In addition, according to pussies, to identify the identity of the players, you must come up with a less risky system, rather than the provision of confidential data – electronic copies of passport – online operators.

Andrey pusska stated that similar «reservations» prove the fallacy of the concept of the law as a whole.

Recall that the slovak authorities approved the draft law on amending gambling legislation proposed by the ministry of finance. Thus, it was assumed that foreign bookmakers would be able to receive licenses to work in the republic.

This decision should marked the country’s refusal from a monopoly on the provision of online gambling services. Such a solution is necessary to bring legislation on gambling in accordance with the laws of the european union.

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