Smirnov: Figure Skating “Rawodle”, 22-Year-Old Tuktamysheva – Already “Grandmother” In Sports

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April 15, 2022
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It so happened that the title of world championship is immediately involuntarily associated with the group of coach eter tutberidze. Alexander smirnov, famous in the doubles, spoke on the costs of this group and about the modern female figure in general.

Smirnov: Figure Skating'Rawodle', 22-year-old Tuktamysheva - already 'grandmother' in sports

The european champion smirnov believees that the current figure skaters take little about the image in their programs

Ex-skaters often like to comment on current situation in their sport, especially if we are talking about the star group tutberidze, whose partiipants disassemble all international medals.

Shared his opinion and alexander, two-time european champion in the paired discharge. The golden years of russian in figure skating remained behind, but he still loves to remember hown by his 32 years some elements did better than 10 years.

In a separate material, we told about the costorna program, which it will present at the nearest grand prix.

Age restrictions on championships, grand prix, challenger and any other competitions – like never actual topic, since the feminine solitary ride is rapidly «rejuvenate».

Alexander tsherovoy and anna shcherbakova for 15 years, and their adult career is already in full swing. 17-year-old zagitova slowly write off the bills, as if she was out of fashion, and almost 20-year medvedev in a panic tries to learn a four-first jump in order to no longer lag behind the rivals on 20 -30 points.

Tuktamyshev, who actively acts at international competitions in his 22nd, smirnov generally called «babushka», having focused on the age of the strongest figure skater.

In a separate material, we told about the statement by yudzuru khany about alexandra podovoy.

Previously, smirnov put forward an idea to raise the values ​​to 18 years old, but criticized. Many perceived this proposal as the lunge towards the rising stars by type.

Raised alexander and the question of the role of art in modern programs. According to the athlete, technically strong jumps, and the image must be complemented with art elements.

Previously, we prepared the calendar of the frenc grand prix, where all participants are also indicated.

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