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February 11, 2022
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Softswiss Goes to the Markets of Japan and Korea

The softswiss online casino platform is now fully equipped and integrated with all local for india, japan and south as arubex, inpay, venuspoint and t. D.), as well as with gaming content available in these countries. The platform provides a wide selection of online casino games that are now available in japanese and korean. This new improvement will allow fully localize softswiss customer projects for these markets. In addition, the already functioning online casino of this region will be able to use the softswiss online casino platform to maximize the potential of its solutions.

The newly released softswiss sportsbook solution is also adapted for the indian market, providing local players the opportunity to bet on all sports, including extremely popular cricket and horse racing.

Max trofimovich, sofswiss sso noted:

"Stormy 2020 was very successful for us from the point of view of global growth and expansion, and we look forward to continuing this trend and in 2021. Igaming market continues to gain momentum in japan and south korea, so this is a great opportunity to provide our innovative products such as softswiss online casino platform, even more new customers in the asian region. While our recently launched platform for sportsbook sports bets can now fully satisfy the needs of indian users. ".

Operators are available softswiss white label casino platform scheme, which means renting software along with a gaming license and merchant accounts. Operators get the most powerful software and literally immediately after installation can take deposits, focusing on marketing and attracting players.

The new softswiss sportsbook platform is an advanced universal solution for managing sport rates operations. The solution includes full risk management, preventing fraud and high-quality customer support. Sportsbook inherited extensive company’s extensive experience in the igaming market, as well as all the important functions and features of the softswiss online casino platform platform: safety, stability, advanced segmentation of players, as well as adaptability to the marketing needs of operators.

Source: sofswiss official website

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