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March 1, 2022
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SoftSwiss Saved Its Customers More Than 10 Million Euros In 2020 Through the Fight Against Fraud

Softswiss reported that in 2020, the protection service from fraud and security checks of the company saved its customers an amount of more than 10 million euros. Softswiss fraud service is part of a 24-hour support service available for all clients of the softswiss online platform.

The service allows you to check the violation by players with bonuses-duplicates, to further investigate potentiial collucion, as well as other fraudulent schemes. Indition, the anti-frod softswiss provides imentification and recognition of game templates used to extract benefits. It is also very important, highly qualified employees of the service can advise the client on compliance with gdpr and data protection. The combating fraud team acts strictly in accordance with the provisions and conditions of game websites, as well as applicable licensed and regulatory requirements.

One example of excellent work done by the softswiss team to combat fraud this year, occurred when the team received seemingly a regular verification request, which eventually turned out to be very unusual. During the primary check, it turned out that the player was a fraudster. The team decided to request the player’s account check record, including thesese of origin of funds, since these documents are usually not requested and, theraefore, are not included in the general package of documents that can be purchased in the black market. The next day, the player downloaded all the documents that, in fact, was to force the sofstswiss command to believe in their authenticity. However, was noted that the the player’s language in the electronic wallet differs from his native, which again caused a suspicion that the player is a fraudster. In this regard, the player was invited to undergo the authentication of his personality in skype. Finally, during the check call, the conclusion was concluded that the player was not the owner of the account, but after all, a fraudster.

Vitaly matsukevich, head of the b2c direction in softswiss, said:

"We are delighted with the fact that our team managed to save this year for our customers such a large amount of money. Every day, we carefully study all suspicious actions taking place on our online casino platform, and fight fraud, using many different tools and methods. We continue to work on even more interesting projects in the development of artificial intelligence in collaboration with data science and platform development teams. Thanks to this, in the coming year, we expect to improve the efficiency and safety of business operations for our customers. ".

Source: sofswiss official website

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