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July 6, 2022
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Softswiss Jackpot Aggregator Connected the first partner N1 Partners Group

Softswiss is pleased to announce that the first client connecting to the softswiss jackpot to the aggregator became n1 partners group. New product softswiss jackpot agregator provides the ability to launch jackpot campaigns using ready-made jackpot patterns.

Flexible system of working with groups of players allows you to combine them to participate in any jackpots. Customers can be not only casino, but also game aggregators or providers. Any platform can be integrated with a softswiss jackpot by the aggregator, which provides a simplified casino connection. Softswiss jackpot agregator is already integrated with softswiss game platform. Moreover, using the jackpot softswiss aggregator, any operators on any platform will be available to create a jackpot campaign.

As part of an agreement with n1 partners group start conneting its casino to softswiss jackpot agregator. As a result, the n1 partners group got access to its own jackpot system: a unique organization of jackpots, their management and individual possibilities of drawing. Already now we can say that the connection to the jackpot of the aggregator has positively affected the activity of players n1 partners group.

Ivan montik, the founder of softswiss comments:

"N1 partners group is a long-standing and reliable softswiss partner, so it is very nice that this company of our new product softswiss jackpot aggregator. He imagined innovative solutions from the world of gembling, taking into account the needs of our customers, due to which it will become a reliable and indispensable tool in working with the interests of players. Creating softswiss jackpot of the agregator has become the result of many years of work in the field of the industry, which is now able to solve softswiss jackpot agregator. Thanks to n1 partners group for trust and cooperation!"

Yaroslav laptev, chief product officer at n1 partners group, notes:

"We are confident that connecting to softswiss jackpot aggregator will bring out our projects to a new level: players can participate in jackpot draws, playing on their favorite games in online casino. It is worth noting that today we are aready visible from the side of the players to a new decision and also observe the growth of a new audience in our projects."

Source: sofswiss official website

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