“Some Disc”, Or Award A Better Goalie Of The World: The Yashin Family Did Not Approve The Trophy

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April 22, 2022
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The only goalkeeper who received a reward «golden ball», it sems forever will remain as. For goalkeepers, a separate trophy was invented, but he liked not all. What a widow of lion yashin about a reward, which went to alisson – look for in the article.

Goalkeeper lev yashin: awards, recognition and real «golden ball», but not «some kind of disk»

Ceremony ballon d’or, as well as everything that concerns it has always been an important and authoritative event in world football. So, from year to year the strongest football players of the world received «golden ball», and only legends could be collected in their own asset several.

One of the main problems of this reward is that the achievements of the players of the group of attacks are always easier to track and evaluate, rather than goalkeys or defenders. This is confirmed by the fact that only four defenders and one goalkeeper awarded in the history of trophy.

In a separate material, we we wrote about problems in the club of one of the nominees: we are talking about cristiano ronaldo, who is bad to get along with sarry and players «juventus».

However, this year everything could change, because the goalkeeper and the defender got into the top nominees «liverpool» alysson and virgil wang duck. At some point, it was decided to create a separate reward for goalkeepers. It was named after the only owner «golden ball», who spokeeper who of goalkeeper – lion yashin.

On december 2, an annual ceremony was held, and the first owner of the personal goalkeeper trophy was alisson. The widow of the lion itself yashin spoke on the award and its appearance.

Goalkeeper and Defender of Liverpool Alisson and Virgil Wang Duck

In our separate article, we told about everything the ballon d’or ceremony, including about the situation with cristiano ronaldo, who was sitting in the car during messi award.

According to valentina timofeevna yashina, the figurine looks completely unlike «golden ball». Literally called her «disk somehow». Valentina upset the fact that the previous organizers promised to create an a award similar to «golden ball», which is awarded the best football player of the world.

Also a woman noted that «messi has six such balls and alisson received it». Recall that in 2019, the trophy was present for the first time, so i quite realistic that the organizers will listen to valentina timofeevne and improve the next ceremony.

Earlier, we we wrote about such a ceremony of fifa, which took place in september and also recognized messi with the season.

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