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January 13, 2022
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January 1, sarson funds, which is an independent tool provider of cryptoinvestia, called for an urgent purchase of cryptocurrency. According to representatives of the company, it will come very soon «great day» for bitcoin.

SOON'Big Day' will come for Bitcoin - expert

Experts of the company explained that during november and december, the accumlation of instititional moneem and in the coming days, in their opinion, wall street will help stimulate the growth of the first cryptocurrency prices.

The founder of sarson funds john sarson also believees that the purchasing power will perform a catalyst for rising prices for cryptocurrency. First of all, the bulk sale of bitcoin arounded interest in the market, then he intensified, due to the price stability of the second half of december.

According to sarson, a small movement that began on the market is a reflection of the state of investment portfolios of investors, awaiting infusion of instititional money.

Previously, experts spoke on the topic that bitcoin is waiting in 2019.

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