Soon, The Rada Will Consider The Gambling Bill

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April 26, 2022
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In bp of ukraine, on december 19, the draft law on the gembling industry will be considered. A document will be submitted for consideration under the number 2285 concerning the issues of regulating the activities of gambling business by the state.

Soon, the Rada will consider the Gambling Bill

It is also known that the initisitives made by people deputies will also be on consideration. The finalized bill from the personman’s people’s depeuty does not work out. At the same time, it was previously mentioned that cabinet of ministers was addressed to consider the bill in earlier deadlines. Also members of the government noted that next year the replenishment of the state budget was provided by means of licensing gambling business.

Early, in the second half of october, bp of ukraine published the text of the draft law no. 2285, nominated by the government, but at the same time dmitry razumkov, a member of the parliament and speaker, said that this draft law for consideration in the session hall is not ready.

Recall, the parliamentarian natalia royal spoke about what legalization will lead.

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