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January 12, 2022
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As part of the last round of the british premier league in 2018 there will be a match between «southampton» and «manchester city». The last meeting of the teams ended in a crushing victory «citizens» with a score 6: 1.

Content: 1. Match «southampton» – «manchester city» will be held on december 30 at the stadium «saint meris»2. Conversion «southemton» it will not pass simply. The crisis of ideas and motivation in «manchester city»4. Forecast bookmakers on the match «southampton» – «manchester city»4.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru4.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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"league of rates"

Match «southampton» – «manchester city» will be held on december 30 at the stadium «saint meris»

Soccer game «southampton» – «manchester city» will be held on sunday, december 30, at the stadium «saint meris». The history of the confrontation of clubs includes 87 games, in 33 of which the victory was on the side «heavenly blue». «Red-white» celebrated victory in 31 matches, another 25 times the teams graduated from a draw.

View confronation «southampton» – «manchester city» you can on tv channels «match tv» and «match! Football 1». The start of the broadcast is scheduled at 17:10 moscow time.

Conversion «southemton» not pass simply

After several good years under the guidance of peretnino, and the guidance of peretnino, and the team showed beautiful and tactically accredited football, the team began atue team. Last season «the saints» miraculously did not fly out of the apl and only in 2018 already changed two mentors. Now the team was heded by an austrian specialist khazenhetl, who before that built very good «rb leipzig».

But while very little time passed so that you can draw conclusions about his work. Yes, the team under his leadership sensational beat «arsenal», and then i «huddersfield», but in the past round in my field gave way «west ham». Now «red-black» occupy 16th place in the standings, and only 4 points are ahead of the team from the departure zone.

Transformation'Southemton' will not pass simply

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The crisis of ideas and motivation in «manchester city»

Three defeats in four matches of the submarine – this, few people expected from the guardiola team, which before she went without defeat and seeemed invincible machine to climb heads. Now «man city» continues to lead on scored goals – 51, but his gap with the leading now «liverpool» already reached 7 points.

The strangest thing is that «townspeople» don’t look tired or confused on the field. Just make up the feeling that football players are bored play football. They continue to create dangerous moments at the rival gate, but at the same time do not rush to complete them, often flirting the ball. But, as you know, «do not drive you – score to you».

Pepa needs to be seriously working with players, because after the fight with «southampton» «man city» to take on your field «liverpool». It is this match that will largely determine the chances «citizens» to continue the struggle for the championship. But if the team from manchester does not overcome «saints» on the road, then and fight with «mercisian» will not be such decisive.

Forecast bookmakers on the match «southampton» – «manchester city»

Bookmakers in the match «southampton» – «manchester city» we predict the victory of guests. Guardiola to the upcoming duel must set up its wards for the desired way, so the crisis «southampton» should not be a serious problem for them. On the other hand, hazenhetl also began to rebuild the team, and his tactical genius may intervene in plans «man city» on a lightweight victory.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Southampton» – 10.0;
  • «Manchester city» – 1.33;
  • Draw – five.0.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Southampton» – 9.0;
  • «Manchester city» – 1.30;
  • Draw – 6.6.

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