Sovereign Internet In Russia Will Not

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January 31, 2022
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From the draft law on the protection of the russian internet, it is planned to exclude the requirement to establish a national domain system based on the regulatory authority – roskomnadzor.

Sovereign Internet in Russia will not

This aspect caused a wave of criticism from the representatives of the information business. Industry experts pointed out that thus the powers of roskomnadzor are becoming more wider. Moreover, they drew attention to the fact that in the country today there is already a domain name register based on the internet and the coordination center. These two objects are fully controlled by the russian government.

Chairman of the state duma committee on informational policy leonid levin confirmed that the discussion on this topic is currently really.

The purpose of amendments to legislative documents «about information» and «about connection» – create infrastructure in russia, which will ensure the uninterrupted work of the internet, even in case of disconnection from the worldwide network.

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