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February 17, 2022
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The ministry of consumer affairs of spain begins public advice on the project of a new royal decree, designed to make the online gambling market in the country safer and fair for consumers, especially young people.

Decree, explained minister for consumer affairs alberto garson, will establish the standards of actions, interventions, control, prevention, raising awareness and treatment to protect players.

It will also make sure that the operators collect the necessary data on players to protect their players, as well as for expanding the range of information transmitted to customers.

According to him, the introduction of changes will be one of the key priorities of the ministry in the coming year.

"This is a comprehensive vision that will allow successfully completing the process and will require cooperation of all interested parties," garson said.

Legislation is developed with the participation of the country’s advisory board according to a responsible game, which includes legislators, operators, scientists and civil servants.

Along with representatives of the national lotteries organización nacional de ciegos españoles (once) and sociedad estatal loterías y apuestas del estado (selae), the council includes operators and suppliers, including playtech, tómbola, paf and luckia.

In 2019, the ministry of consumer affairs fulfilled its promise to curb gambling business in the country. This led to the introduction of a number of new tight measures to control advertising gambling. These include a ban on sponsorship of sports and restriction of television and radio advertising at night.

Representatives of the industry with alarming perceived similar changes. The association of jdigital operators argued that there is no evidence in support of these measures and that it will only ponder the players to offshore brands. This, according to jdigital, will subjected to players to more risk caissing harm.

The government also seeks to improve the standards for the protection of players, coordinating efforts to unify self-slip schemes operating in each autonomous region of spain. According to the seasonement achieved in september, the regional authorities were given up to the year to complete all the technical work necessary for the integration of databases.

The study of the spanish ministry of health has shown that about 670,000 citizens aged from 15 to 64 years or dependent, or risk obtaining addiction from gambling.

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