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April 20, 2022
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The spanish association of gambling operators jdigital suggested a series of new rules governing gambling advertising in the market. This also includes a proposal to introduce a ban on advertising during the broadcast of sports events live. Amendments shold enter into force in january 2020.

Spain Operators Voluntarily ADOPTED NEW Requirements for Advertising

It is known that the spanish gambling regulator direccion general de ordenacion del juego (dgoj) took changes to include new rules for all forms of advertising, promotion, sponsorship and other commercial connections. Chuld enter into force on january 15, 2020.

The amendments to the code include three ethical principles relating to the terthfulness, responsible gembling and the protection of minor rights. New measures also include a full ban on advertising of gambling during sports drawcasts of sports events. Bonus offers will now be limited to the maximum amount in €200 ($ 221).

From an ethical point of view, the new code implies that all ads must be trouthful, the audience should not be misleading and all relevant data and actual information should be made public. Licensors are also required to inform dgoj if the third party ads on their own behalf. Indience, sun accessing the audience and, subte information on bonuses and promotions should bonuses. Thus, licensees will take approprite measures in the field of commercial ties and self-tasks.

Advertising should not provoke addiction to gambling or make a moral or financial position at the expense of gambling, as well as argue that excessive losses from the game will not ultimately have any consequences.

Advertising SHOLD NOT PROVOKE Addiction to Gambling

Operators should not make players credit proposals or hint that the duration of the game and the player’s skill level can increase the chance of winning. Indition, licensees should not encourage frequent systematic games or offer customers a reward for a particularly active game. Additionally, dgoj introduced a ban on uncontrollable bets. Professional athletes will not be admitted to shooting in such advertising. All ads must contain a warning about age limit, which clearly states that exclusively those who have reached 18 years are allowed to gambling.

Special attention to dgoj focused on the restriction of gambling-entertainment for minors. Advertising should not hints that minors can play or bet on, as well as receive such services as a gift. Operators must ensure that advertising does not indicate that participation in gambling is an indicator of maturity or success.

The code implies that advertising should not directly or indirectly encourage minors to the game, as well as to use relations with adults (parents, teachers) in order to play. Advertising shold not contain sound, visual, verbal or written elements affection children in order to attract there to the game.

Recall, the australian communication management and the media will close illlegal sites.

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