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April 22, 2022
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According to data published by dirección, ggr gambling business in spain made up €77 billion with an online segment of 22.5% and the last profit in the amount €812 million.

Spanish Gambling Industry: FINANCIAL RESULTS 2018

The largest source of income last year was the lotteries that brought €4.21 billion. Income sociedad estatal loterías y apuestas del estado (selae) amounted to €3.14 billion, and the national lottery of spain (once) brought €one.03 billion. Thanks to the info regulator, it became known that last year about 4.13 billion lottery tickets were purchased online.

Ground segment of the business preenented by gambling institutions and points of reception of sports betting, – excluding the halls of slot machines and the distribution points of lottery operators, – generated income in size €2.08 billion. At the same time, gambling institutions stated income in the amount of €one.03 billion, operations with bingo – €593.9 million (+ 2.8%) and bookmakers – €455.8 million.

Online segment of the gambling business of spain last year brought €812 million, which is 22.5% more than in the chame period of 2017. At the same time, online bookmake operations generated €365.3 million. The total amount of revenue was 850.6 million, stating an increase of 13.4%. Salae has generated €70.9 million on the provision of online lottery services and once – €fourteen.6 million. The segment of slot machines brought more €665.1 million.

Recallor of the uk, for the gamor reguling-industry of the country’s gambling-industry of the country’s 2018, was less successful than for spain. British gambling operators reduced.

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