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July 19, 2022
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Spearhead Studios presents a new version of Book of Souls

Spearhead studios game developer released a recently remarable version of book of souls, one of the most effective video slots in the studio. After the extraordinary success of the spearhead studios game made several improvements, such as accelerating the mathematical model, adding new features or user interface updates.

Book of souls & # x2122; remastered is a dynamic video silver 5 × 3. Players are invited to join lara jones in her adventures in the ancient maya temple deep in the jungle. The famous archaeologist who has become a treasure hunter trying to find a mystical shower book that can open legendary treasures hidden inside a giant stone structure.

Compared to the original version, book of souls tm remaster has a more volatile mathematical model, new features of the game and shopping, excellent new graphics, significantly improved characters, a clearer user interface and an incredible sound landscape.

In a new high volatility game there are many interesting features such as snake spins, which drop random wild symbols on the drums, and a special expanding symbol during free rotations.

Kevin court, director of developing spearhead studios games, says:

"Book of souls was the second game that we did – now we have them more than 60 !! – and, although it is still one of our best performers, we felt that we could make it even better. We not only radically improved visualization, significantly upgraded the game, but also made it more changeable. We have raised the potential of the maximum winnings and added new functions of gambling and purchase bonuses to give players more control over their experiences."

Spearhead studio games are currently certified by more than 14 markets in europe and latin america, and next year more jurisdictions will be added.

Source: official spearhead studios website

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