Special Offer For Large-Scale Traffic Arbitration Conferences In Minsk

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April 15, 2022
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Looking for new arbitration niches for earnings and want to learn about efficient ways of mining traffic in 2020? Then boldly buy a combs for visiting two profile events – affiliate marketing conference belarus, which will be held december 12, 2019, and minsk igaming affiliate conference, scheduled on march 5, 2020.

Special Offer for Large-Scale Traffic Arbitration Conferences in Minsk
Content: 1. What amcb is about?2. What miac is about?3. What combs combs?

Both conference will be held in the belarusian capital.

What amcb is about?

Event on the features of working in white and gray niches, such as a batch, nutra, fintech and other. Speakers will consider the markets of cis countries, eu, latin america, apac and mena. Guests are waiting for fresh cases, non-banking tips on improving traffic indicators, an analysis of the 2019 arbitral year and recommendations for the 2020th.

Conf is designed for webmasters, arbitrals, seo specialists, representatives of affiliates, marketers and aggregators.

What miac is about?

In the program of ivent – reports on the gembling vertical, an overview of the effective ways to attract thundaff in online casinos, a discussion of key trends in the gambling industry, the analysis of certain promotional and actual ligaments that help raise roi.

Here are representatives of gambling operators, bookmakers and affiliate programs, as well as webs, arbitrals, mediabira, seo experts and many others.

What combs combs?

Separately every ticket to the conference costs 175 byn. Combobille price for both events – 280 byn.

Buying a combs, you get:

  • Entrance to two events;
  • Access to demosons;
  • Participation in coffee breaks at two conferences;
  • Presentations of speakers.

Special offer is valid until december 11. Have time to buy a combo ticket to get a maximumm of both affiliate-events in minsk.

Affiliate marketing conference belarus program

Minsk igaming affiliate conference program

Recall, the organizer of the events is smile-expo.

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