Spelinspektionen Will Take Measures To Combat Unauthorized Gambling Sites

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April 26, 2022
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Swedish gambling regulator enhances the fight against online operators who have an international license and continue to serve local players.

Spelinspektionen Will Take Measures to Combat Unauthorized Gambling Sites

Recently, spelinspektionen announced the launch of a nationwide campaign to inform the local population about which gambling sites that have a resolution of the regulator work in the country. The main purpose is to increase the resources of the local operators after the launch of the regulated online market, which have permission from spelinspektionen, at the expense of swedish players.

As the head of spelinspektionen anders sims said, this campaign will affect the outdoor, printed and digital channels. It aims to ensure that the local population chooses operators with a specific swedish license.

On friday, the gambling regulator also present a new strategy that would help determine which online operators should be responsible for their unauthorized activities. The main criteria for entering into the approprite list include:

  • The possibility of making payments in the swedish currency;
  • Providing telephone services using the country’s code;
  • Promotion of the site and its partners among the residents of sweden;
  • Offer services in swedish.

Spelinspektionen also claims to rely on aid from gambling regulators which a cooperation agreement has already been signed. Third-party game developers and payment processories are asked not to help international unauthorized operators, which are defined by the regulator in the category of fraudsters. Operators for online games, the activities of which are approved in sweden, were warned that their licenses are applicable only for specific domains.

Recall, in the senate france, a bill was adopted regarding taxation of gambling.

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