Spinola Gaming Updated Their Lottery Offers For Southeast Asia

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March 1, 2022
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Spinola Gaming Updated Their Lottery Offers for Southeast Asia

Spinala gaming, software specialist for lottery, reported details on individual solutions for lotteries in southeast asia serving a wide range of operators, from national lotteries to casino operators, white label clients and affiliated companies.

New perspectives and customers present in the eastern part of the world appeared with the growth of the countries of south east asia, such as cambodia, singapore, philippines, malaysia and thailand. In connection with increased interest from the region, the team has developed an individual solution for this region, with full opportunities to provide access to spinola gaming products.

These products are intended for state operations, lotteries for online casinos and bookmakers, for white label lottery operators and affilariate marketing companies.

Currently, the lottery brings 400 billion dollars all over the world, and this is an opportunity to go to this profitable market. Given the experience of more than 60 years of work spinola gaming in the field of lottery, the team collected data on the region of southeast asia, producing trends and finding out whattery players want to play. The company intends to include the largest world lotteries focused in this region, in the connex lottery management system to make them fully accessible to customers worldwide.

Indition, the company has developed a custom-made system with geographic binding, in which customers can create their own lottery with the appropriate jackpot. Or customers can get a ready-made solution and connect to it wither one touch of a button.

Ade rechenko, spinola gaming ceo, said:

"Given the recent global situation, we witnessed the massive influx of operators, showing interest in the lottery, in combination with the fact that settery is digitized their lottery platform. Given such a huge interest in asia, we expanded and adapted our range of products for the market, especially in southeast asia.

The team carefully studied the region, both with the help of field and secondary studies, to provide the best solution for a through lottery tat satisfies the ever-growing needs in the field of igaming, escecilyally in emerging markets. ".

Source: casino review edition

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