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April 19, 2022
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Since betting earns mainly due to the state should automatically flow to sports organizations.

Sport Should Receive At Least 60% Of The Income of Bookmakers - Yuri Yurchenko

This says yuri yurchenko, an expert on sport, lawyer and a law boss «yurchenko yuri and partners». He notes that none of the bills on gambling presented in the verkhovna rada, does not take into account the interests of sports, and the fun of give an accurate response regarding the.

«Sports do not need fees with licenses. Sport shold get what they earn. If the bookmaker earns the popularity of football, basketball, hockey, then proportionate sport sport should revenue. Every year, the minister defines for the financial of sports, will also be asked from the fund. After all, if there’s are no specific interest on the sport, then this is, in my opinion, another deception of sports. At least 60% of these revenues shold be allocated for it, and on than 20% of medicine and 20% for culture», – experts expert.

According to yurchenko, in funds aimed at the medical industry, it necessary to take it account the treatment of ludomania, which is now already in the country, only they do not speak about it, because there are no legally gambling games in ukraine, including bookmakers companies.

According to the lawyer, the illegal activities of bookmakers have other negative consequences for consumers:

«There are some cases when players winning more than 100 thousand. Uah in bookmaker offices, can not recover this money. Is it no violation of the rights of citizens? We will continue to leave it outside the law? The court cannot afford to recover these funds because they are not legally. And a person cannot prove his rightness, since we don’t have legally bookmakers. But we all know well that they exist».

No Need To Externally Regulate Gambling Business

At the same time, the expert draws attention to the fact that it is not necessary to overly regulate the gambling business.

«The more the state will heal the nuts to bookmakers and lotteries, the greater the chances that the shade. Perhaps it is better to give more freedom so that these funds began to enter the budget?» – comments yurchenko.

In addition, according to the expert, the bills available now do not provide for:

  • Protection of sports teams and athletes from using their names and names with betting operators;
  • Clearly definite responsibility.

«How can protect against the use of nemining by the bookmaker? There is no this protection, but it must be prescribed in the law. Legal entities who will be engaged in gambling business shold coordinate the conditions for using names and titles with clubs and athletes. And most importantly, the question of responsibility. It should be clearly defined, because without this law can be multiplied by zero, it will not work», – comments lawyer.

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