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November 24, 2022
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The sportcaller content portfolio has been expanded by popular australian sports, football and rugby leagues that were integrated into the sportsbet app. Thanks to these games, the sportsbet client base will grow and strength.

SportCaller Present A Series of Localized Sports Games

Players are offered games with numerous rates on leading matches nrl or afl every weekend with the ability to win jackpot to $ 350,000.

«The patented scheme and integration of the sportcaller database is quite flexible to easily adapt to various data and logic of any sport, maximizing ftp capabilities regardless of territory», – stresed sportcaller md cillian barry.

Announced games work on the single sign-on system, which provides the most comfortable conditions for the user. In other words, players are registered and log in to play games or bet, while the same client wallet will be involved everywhere.

Onter hand, the unique crm offers operators access to user data through a secure api from which they can manage push-notifications.

Recall william hill made a deal william hill made a deal which sportcaller provided william hill a new game football21 to optimize the client base and increase customer activity.

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