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January 28, 2022
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SPORDRADAR announced global restructuring

Sportradar, a supplier of sports rates and sports entertainment and services, announced the reorganization of its activities across the company with a transition to a more regional approach, which involves flexibility to support future growth.

The new organizational structure is aimed at the continuous development of the global bookmaker sportradar, expanding its vertical in sports entertainment, expanding the portfolio of gaming and gembling content. The goal is to ensure diversification along with the constant desire to provide the most extensive portfolio of sports content in the lively with the preservation of data integrity and, in general, the gradual transformation of sportradar from the supply data provider to the global technological company. The structure will begin to act from january 1, 2021.

Carswten curl will lead the company as a general director of the group. Sportradar defines three regional general management:

North america, headed by arne rice as director general of the us rees, in new york, new york.

Uk great britain and northern ireland, region of the ebva and latin america, led by werner becher, who previously engaged in the position of managing director of us betting, in vienna, austria.

Asia-pacific, headed by edward blonik on a temporary basis with the support of michael merz as a deputy based on manila. Blondk was also appointed chief commercial director, and this position will cover the global organization of sales, as well as teams involved in sports content and partnership, as well as transparency and honesty services. Blondk previously held the position of managing director for global sales in las vegas, nevada.

The sportradar restructuring and regional orientation will allow business to work in close proximity to the final markets and maintain the growing needs of its customers, partners, copyright holders and regulatory authorities. In addition, the repositioning will allow the company to continue to use the global product development, engineering infrastructure and operations.

In addition to regional general directors and a commercial director, the following positions will be obeyed by kurla:

Chief director of the production control department, rates and games – warren murphy (earlier, the rover director of the department of rates and games)

Chief director of production control department, sports entertainment – rainer geyer (earlier – marketing director, digital platform and advertising)

Chief technical director – ben berdsoll

Financial director – alex gersh

Director of strategy – ulrich harmut

"As a leading manufacturer of sports technologies and innovations in sports rates and sports entertainment, sportradar is fully committed to ensuring unsurpassed experience for our customers and partners," said kurl. "Our updated structure will increase the level of interaction with customers, flexibility and overall efficiency, and will also allow the use of our huge global scale. This reorganization is an important step for future growth, and we will continue to keep the high plank in the industry.

Source: spordar official website

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