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January 10, 2022
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David lampitt, managing director of sportradar, commented on the new final report, published on december 19 organization of independent review of tennis integrity.


The report is based on the analysis of the rates and other integrity problems faced by professional tennis. Experts argue that today is a serious problem of honesty in this sport.

This is the following reasons:

  • The game has to manipulates with rates, becauseen circumstances. It’s difficult to detect due to the matches of lower levels and there is no effective way to protect the players from corruption.
  • Low earnings of players bribe them to take part in the contractual matches. Only 250–350 players earn enough to abandon it. Thus, there is an imbalance between the prize pool and the fee for participating in competitions, which may encourage people to look for other sources for obtaining financial rewards.
  • Online rates and sales of official data on real-time gains made a huge contribution to the exacerbation of this problem. Sale of data allows thousands of matches to be accessible for rates, which allows players easier to bet and act corrupt.

Spordradar recommendations:

  • Eliminate any opportunities and incentives to disrupt tennis integrity;
  • Create a tiu (tennis integrity group) with new powers and independent observers;
  • Ensure compliance with the advanced intended rules and the corresponding punishment of offenders;
  • Attract national authorities to developmental regulation and law enforcement.

«Our experience gained by more than ten years suggests: a target approach in which key stakeholders cooperate and invest in identifying, prevention and education, and not in the ban, is the most effective way to promote at all levels», – signed david lampitt.

Recall: in october of the current year, sportradar also issued a number of recommendations for the report tennis integrity unit.

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