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November 8, 2022
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Spordaradar’s intelligence & investigation services (i&i), a global team that works as part of the integrity services sportradar division announced the launch of a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for customers from the usa, including the best services in its class

Sportradar provides comprehensive legal support for various customers and situations, including:

  • Sports leagues and teams with checking biographical data from corporate sponsors, as well as preliminary information, preliminary transaction or information about the involvement of key personnel
  • Private investors in sports technologies objects to help them better understand the founders and management teams in which they invest.
  • University sports faculties to protect their interests, brands and reputation, as well as the interests of affiliate staff, including their athletes and sponsors.
  • Athletes and agents by identifying potential sources of reputational risk

Due to the combination of unique data, its own patented tools and decades of global learning and investigative collection experience, sportradar i&i will continue to assist partners from the united states in the timely receipt of confidential and thorough information on individuals and organizations, in t.C. Conflicts of interests, criminal ties based on fraud and significant organization vulnerabilities.

"Team i&i sportradar provides advanced products and services that allow you to identify potential risks for sports property, their staff and related private enterprises, "said donald doton, director of business development, analytics and investigation, sportradar. "After many years of success with some of the most high-profile names in sports, including uefa and ioc, we use our global experience as much as possible to offer a complete set of complex products and services i&i our partners from the usa. This will give our american customers a competitive advantage when making the most important decisions ".

Group i&i sportradar, the leader in providing intelligence and research solutions to sports federations, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, clubs and anti-doping organizations, helps more than 80 partners around the world. The team reveals and explores the threats of respectableness for countries, sports and enterprises and provides a reliable service of a comprehensive check for countering any real or alleged threats.

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