Sports Rates Lose Popularity Among British Players

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February 1, 2022
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According to the new statistics published by the united kingdom gambling commission (ukgc), in 2018, citizens began to make less sports rates.

Sports rates lose popularity among British players
Content: 1. Increases in gambling by age2. What role advertising is played. The role of bonuses4. What gadgets british are playing gambling5. Why the british are playing gambling6. Social casinos and bids for cyberport7. Public opinion

The last annual report of ukgc on participation in gambling in the british market in 2018 shows amazing consistency with the 2017 report: the general participation has increased by one point to 46% (51% – for men older than 16 years, 41% – for women). With the exception of persons who buy only the lottery tickets of the national lottery, the level of involvement has grown by one item, up to 32%.

Increases in gambling by age

The involvement in online gambling has changed and amounted to 18% (23% – for men, 15% – for women), although this figure drops up to 14%, if you exclude individuals who are interested in only online products of the national lottery.

The number of online players rates dropped by three points to 23% in 2018. This fall was much higher (seven points) in the age category 35–44 years old. In fact, all age groups, with the exception of 65+, reported a decrease in interest in rates.

What role is played by advertising

British operators agreed to stop their advertising activities during direct broadcasts of sports programs that will begin this summer. But the 2018 report showed that only 45% of online players stated that advertising contributed to their decision to spend money for gambling, which is eight points less than in 2017. This decrease was recorded in all age categories, and the largest falls (13%) fall into groups 18–24 and 35–44.

Promotional promotions in social networks prompted 57% of respondents to spend money on gambling, which has practically not changed annual. In this category, an interesting age division occurred: people from 18 to 34 years old reported a significant decrease, whereas among more adults there were an increase in activity after viewing promotional materials on social networks.

The role of bonuses

The role of bonuses

Free rates and bonus offers remain the most effective tools of influence on players, however, and this aspect is less affected by the involvement. The decline was 11 points. It is worth noting that the uk regulators sharply spoke out regard to offers on online bonuses in early 2018.

What gadgets british are playing gambling

Laptops remain the most popular way of accessing gambling online. Although their share fell by five points, up to 45%. Gambling on mobile phones rose five points up to 44%. The popularity of rates with pc decreased by four points, up to 28%. Moreover, much more men (34%) than women (20%), reported that in 2018 they used a computer to participate in gambling. As for gembling from tablets, the popularity of this type has decreased by one item, up to 18%.

Why the british are playing gambling

As for why people are playing gambling, the desire to win here took first place with 45%. Then there are reasons for simply having fun (29%) and win jackpot (18%). Interestingly, a larger number of women (49%) than men (42%), pointed to the desire to win as their main motivation, while men were much more likely played gambling for entertainment (34%) than women (23 %).

Why the British are playing gambling

Social casino and cembodies

Participation in free games fell by three points, up to 21%, mainly as a result of a decrease in women’s participation indicator for six points. Celebration rates remain a niche activity of activity, since only 5% of respondents committed rates for cyberport in 2018, which is two points below the figure of 2017.

Public opinion

The incessant head of the british media in the form of articles dedicated to gambling gave «desired» the effect. Thus, the number of respondents who consider gambling honest and trustworthy has fallen into three points, up to 30%. Nevertheless, the number of respondents who believe that gambling is associated with crime, also fell on three points – up to 38%.

Almost four fifths (79%) respondents believe that the british have too much opportunities for gambling at their disposal, but 62% believe that people have the right to decide themselves, to use these opportunities or not. At the same time, 71% is sure that gambling pose a threat to a prosperous life.

Earlier it became known that the united kingdom has created a new body to protect the interests of gembling companies.

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