Stadtcasino Baden Group Acquires Gamanza Group Ag

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May 6, 2022
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Stadtcasino Baden Group Acquires Gamanza Group AG

Gamanza group ag, co-owners of which are magnus lindberg and grand casino baden ag, will be divided: two existing shareholders of 50% each will take on two business units and will develop them for their specific target groups.

Stadtcasino baden group already owns through grand casino baden ag 50% of gamanza group shares founded by a swedish entrepreneur in the field of igaming magnus lindberg. The group develops and distributes software that is the technological basis for online casino.

This include management system ("player account management system"), which manages online player accounts and provides interfaces for other software modules and separate online games. Another central element is the crm tool, which manages marketing activities and communicate with real-time clients.

In addition, gamanza group is developing its own games for online casinos, as well as unique solutions for sports rates operators. The board sees great potential in all fields of business.

Games and sport rates will be transferred to the new structure of magnus lindberg.

Stadtcasino baden group and magnus lindberg agreed that the gamanza group’s excellent starting position can be best used by two owners separation business units.

Two business units engaged in the development of games and sports rates will fully belong to manus lindberg and will continue their activities under its management. Stadtcasino baden group will take on the functions of the account management system and customer interaction platform and will continue to manage them under the gamanza brand.

As part of the division of grand casino baden ag, it takes responsibility for about 60 employees of the gamanza group, which operate in offices in slovenia and costa rica, and about 30 employees in the office in serbia, sweden and malta will move with magnus lindberg.

Gamanza group rapidly grew in the last 24 monhs. The team has been expanded from the original ten people to 90 today and gamanza group is now a market leader in switzerland as a technological partner for online casino. Five online casinos are aloady working in switzerland with the gamanza platform. Two of them on the network, three a in the preparation stage.

The parties agreed not to disclose the financial aspects of the transaction.

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