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August 12, 2022
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On october 29-31, the 2nd stage of the isu grand prix series will be held in vancouver «skate canada». At the first stage of the us competitions, russian figure skaters took four medals, including gold – in the women’s single performance, alexander trurovova became the champion, and in a duet – evgenia tarasova and vladimir morozov. How will the second stage of the series will be held, who will represent russia, where to watch the isu grand prix – next in the material. Topical sports news read in a separate section.

Stage Grand Prix for figure skating 'Canada Skate': schedule, rules, participants, broadcast
Content: 1. Stages of the grand prix series in figure skating 2021/20221.One. Tournament program and point accrual system1.2. Prize fund2. Participants of the grand prix of canadian skating 20212.One. Forecast bookmakers on the grand prix «skate canada» 2021/20222.2. Where to watch the canadian grand prix: schedule and broadcast


Series of the isu grand prix has existed since 1995 and is considered to be the successor of the isu champions series. Russians won many times in the final stage. According to the total number of medals obtained in the final, russia is in the first place by overtaking its closest pursuers – usa – almost twice: 89 medals against 46. Betting experts believe that this season the russians have chances of conquering medals in all disciplines, but most of all put on the female pedestal in the final.

Grand prix – annual figure skating competition, which is conducted under the guidance of the international skaters union (isu, isu). The tournament is distinguished from other competitions by the fact that the grand prix of athletes competes not on the national principle, but considering the personal ratings of each figure. So, at the grand prix stages, the most worthy figure skaters of the world are the strongest of which are held in the final.

Stages of the grand prix series in figure skating 2021/2022

Recall that on october 22-24, the isu 2021/2022 series has lasted in las vegas, and will end in december – final stage in the japanese osaka. The first stage has already ended in las vegas. The second stage is scheduled for 29-31 october called canada grand prix. November 5-7, 2021 instead of the traditional stage in china, which was canceled due to covid-19, the skaters will go to italian turin. After that, it follows «nhk trophi» in tokyo on november 12-14, and then the french stage in grenoble november 19-21. The final stage will be home to russian athletes – «cup rostelecom» spend at the olympic rink «iceberg» in sochi. The final stage should take place on december 9-12 in osaka (japan).

Tournament program and point accrual system

Total 6 stages are held, no more than 12 men, 12 women, as well as 8 sports pairs of dance duets can take part in each of which. At one stage of each discipline from one state, only three participants are allowed. Based on employed athletes get points. Six strong representatives in each discipline over the amount of points overlook the final of the series, where the winner is established.

Stages of the Grand Prix series in figure skating 2021/2022

1st place – 15 points

2nd place – 13 points

3rd place – 11 points

4th place – 9 points

5th place – 7 points

6th place – 5 points

7th place – 4 points (only in solitary skating)

8th place – 3 points (only in single skating)

With a drawing result, if more than six participants in the discipline fall on the points in the final, more than six participants are used.

Prize foundation

Figurestones take prize awards and in stages, and in the final stage. If only 1-5 positions fall in prizes at all stages, all 6 participants are awarded in the final in each discipline.

A place

Prizes in stages

Prizes in the final

1st place

$ 18,000

$ 25,000

2nd place

$ 13,000

$ 18,000

3rd place

$ 9000

$ 12,000

4th place

$ 3000

$ 6000

5th place

$ 2000

$ 4000

6th place

Prizes are not paid

$ 3000

Participants of the grand prix of canadian skating 2021

In the second stage, russian figure skater camila valiyev, elizaveta tuktamysheva, andlain kosostna, who have already played a pedestal in the current season, will again be competed in canada «finland trofi». Considering that triple axel can show all three russians, real confrontation on ice is expected.

Participants of the Grand Prix of Canadian Skating 2021

As for the camilance of valiyeva, this season will take place an adult debut for the american participant alice liu. The athlete of this fall has already participated in «cranberry cap» in boston and on two series tournaments «isu challenger». She was sent to conquer the 3 olympic quota for american single athletes for an international tournament in oberstdorf. With the task, the figure skater coped successfully – while this season is the former junior man.

In single skating among men alexander samarin, maka ignatov and yevgeny semenhenko will compete for a prize room with maurice qwitelashvili, as well as kigan messing and jason brown. For ignatova «skate canada» will be the first beginning of the season in the international arena. Alexander samarin after the successful start of the season on «budapest trofi» failed to cope with jumps. And evgeny semenhenko on «finland trofi» failed a short program, but was able to rehabilitate, fulfilling an arbitrary with a personal record.

On the «skate canada» acting world champion will also be – neanan cheng. Recall that the figure skater unexpectedly took the thrd line at the previous stage «skate america», listing the place of countryman vincent zhou and the japanese seme uno. Perhaps in the second stage the grand prix will give the opportunity to go through his opponents.

In the competitions of sports couples, daria pavlyuchenko and denis khodikin will become in absentia to fight for the right to occupy the third place in the russian national team. But climbing the first step of the pedestal is not so easy, since the nearest rivals of the guys – vanessa james and eric radford, who performed for canada, as well as silver winners of games in korea wenjin sui – cun han.

In the dance on ice with debutants in the adult series of grand prix, daughter eteri tutberidze will appear– diana davis, who participates with gleb smolkin. Other newcomers season – elizabeth shanaeva and derid. Both duets «skate canada» is the only stage, so even with a successful scenario to enter the finals of the guys there will be no chance.

Recall what the most popular sports.

Forecast bookmakers on the grand prix «skate canada» 2021/2022

In bk «fonbet» offer such coefficients (women, short program):

The Forecast of Bookmakers on the Grand Prix'Skate Canada' 2021/2022


Date of



Camila valiev – elizabeth tuktamysheva

October 30 at 04:45



Camila valiev – alain kosostna

October 30 at 04:45



Elizabeth tuktamysheva – alain kosostna

October 30 at 04:45



Alain kosostna – alice lu

October 30 at 04:45



Karen chen – mai mikhara

October 30 at 04:45



Vacabus higuta– lee hoe in

October 30 at 04:45



Madeleine skizas – mana kawabe

October 30 at 04:45



Alison schumacher– emily bosbek

October 30 at 04:45



Where to watch the canadian grand prix: schedule and broadcast

In russia, the series of the isu grand prix will broadcast «first channel» live on a web portal. Time in the schedule indicated moscow.

  • October 29 (friday)
  • 22:55 pairs. Short program
  • October 30 (saturday)
  • 00:30 men. Short program
  • 02:55 dancing ice. Rhythm-dance
  • 04:40 women. Short program
  • 22:55 pairs. Arbitrary program
  • October 31 (sunday)
  • 00:40 men. Arbitrary program
  • 03:25 dancing ice. Arbitrary dance
  • 05:25 women. Arbitrary program
  • 23:55 indicative speeches

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