Stakelogic And Hurricane Games Launch Sugar Fever In Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways

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July 26, 2022
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StakeLogic and Hurricane Games launch sugar fever in Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways

With original candyways bonanza & # x2122; megaways & # x2122;, who had a huge success players after her debut last year, hurricane games proved that they do not break the winner team, again combining efforts from stakelogic to release sugar sequels.

Thanks to the payment system megaways & # x2122;, candyways bonanza 2 & # x2122; megaways & # x2122; it is based on the success of its predecessor with a number of pleasant additions, including completely new mysterious symbols and the updated feature of free spins, which offers players a choice of multipliers.

The total number of winning methods in the game was also significantly improved: the initial 512 ways to win were increased to stunning 117 649 megaways & # x2122;. In addition, candyways bonanza 2 & # x2122; megaways & # x2122; also uses an innovative system of cascade drums, in which all winning combinations disappear from sight when new characters fall from above to replace them, and new payments are calculated.

From aesthetic point of view, in the game the same sweet set of characters as in the first name, with drums with reed edges, on which several colored bonbon and sweet scatter symbols are placed. The action takes place on the background of the marshmallow clouds and mountains from ice cream horns, and on an extended game field now there are six vertical drums megaways & # x2122; and a completely new horizontal drum over them.

This horizontal drum plays a key role in creating winning combinations, since whenever a mysterious wild symbol appears on it, a random symbol will be detected, and all subsequent instances of this symbol on the drums will become wild. Naturally, it can lead to simultaneous falling out of several payments, while these characters will be deleted because the cascade of the drums begins to pottentially extend the sequence and create additional prizes.

Thus, players can get a multiplier to 30,000s their rates – and their desire to get this main prize will be even easier if they activate the function of free spins in the game. It activated when four or more scatter symbols appear on drums, players will be able to choose from three options for free spins offering up to 15 bonus games and multipliers that can increase their winning up to 100 times.

Free rotations can be repeatedly run by an indefinite period by running four or more consecutive scatters, the stakelogic super stake & # x2122 is available again;. Acquired at an additional rate of 2 times the start of the player’s starting rate. When super stake & # x2122 mode; activated, the number of scatter symbols will increase on drums, which greatly simplifies the launch and re-launch of the main function.

Salvator campiona, head of greenlogic® in stakelogic, said:

"When she was first released, candyways bonanza & # x2122; megaways & # x2122; it was one of the flagship games that came out of our greenlogic® affiliate program – and we are pleased to unite with hurricane games. Again to bring the players a long-awaited continuation. Possessing all the functions that made the original such a hit, as well as man additional functions, we are confident that it will have even greater success. ".

Source: official site stakelogic

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