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June 16, 2022
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StakeLogic and Hurricane Games Launch Wild Bounty

Stakelogic & hurricane games invites players to a pirate adventure with their last game wild bounty.

Players should set their sea legs when the rotate the drams on video slot with 5 × 3 drums and 20 payout lines equipped with functions that make them tremble.
During the main game, players may encounter a stormy sea when the canonical scatter symbol is splashing on the drums, adding one, two or three bombs into its collection, which is above the drums.
Collecting three canonical bombs over any of the drums launches wild stacks, where all the characters on this drum will be wild for the next three rotations.
If the player completes the collection of another bomb, while wild stacks are active, the meter is reset to three – you can collect sevel bombs for one rotation.
The bonus wheel goes down when three bonus scatter symbols fall out in the main game. It rotates and stops in the the season in which he awards free spins, wild references to reward or small, chief or main prize.
During free rotations, the drums change to the 5 × 6 matrix with 50 payout lines. Bomb collection and wild stacks are transferred from the basic game – you can collect more bombs, causing even more wild stacks.

Bonus wild bounty links means that the druss go to the grid of 3 × 5 with 15 characters. Before drums begin to rotate, three icons with coins are awarded, which are placed over the drums.
Treasure symbols can land on all 15 cells, but fall, the treasures do not fall, then one of the coins is removed, and the meter of the remaining rotations is reduced by one.
If the treasure is still launched, the symbol sticks to the druss and the rotational counter are reset to three. The function is completed when there are no coins icons.
If all 15 characters are filled, the main prize is awarded.
If this was not enough for players to qualify for their own, the game also has wild bounty pirate, which stands on the side of the drums, and any time during the game he throws the drums on the drums, which, in turn, award one. Of the three bonuses, including random jokers, random bombs and a selection of barrels.

In the latter case, players choose a barrel to award one of three bonuses – entrance to wild bounty links, 5/10/15/20 free spins or bonus prize in size x10 / x15 / x20 / x10.

Wild bounty also connects to the innovative super stake & # x2122 function; from stakelogic, which allows players to double their bets to get a chance to activate one of the bonus functions of the game.

Thanks to wild bounty, they double the chance of falling out bonus scatters in the main game.

Players in search of the greatest treasures can put their winnings, guessing the color of the card or the ownership of the card, and the guess right, their winnings will be multiplied by x2 or x4, respectively.

Salvator campiona, head of greenlogic® in stakelogic, said:

"Wild bounty is our view to a popular pirated topic and with this game we raised the thrill and excitement to a new level.
The slot is filled with explosive bonus features, including free rotations, a wild stack, a bonus wheel and, of course, our innovative super stake & # x2122 system;.
This, in combination with bold and bright animation, helps players to go swimming in search of big winnings and fun and exciting adventures in online slots ».

Source: official site stakelogic

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