Stakhovsky: “Bookmakers Themselves Spread Rumors About Contractual Matches”

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April 25, 2022
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The seven-time winner of the tournaments apr sergey stakhovsky is convinced that the bookmaker companies often accuse tennis players in the contractual matches absolutely accuracy, writes the realz podcast gang.

Stakhovsky:'Bookmakers themselves spread rumors about contractual matches'

Stakhovsky claims: «as long as the bookmakers will receive rates on sports matches, there will always be any controversial issues».

The tennis player expressed a perturbation in the investigation of the air force, which was made public during the open championship in australia. «No real evidence, they just want to spoil the image of tennis. I untandand what kind of money is investing and what are the results of work. Yes, indeed, some players are disqualified, but is there any real evidence? Where does the information come from? From bookmakers who declare that the rates were overestimated? But in any case, the remain in the plus, whether it is bad or good bets. The can simply lose their percentage somewhere and theraefore dissatisfied. Aftert that, someone is charged with a very large bet on the match. Can it be proof? You sorry, but sometimes i play with a trauma or get it during the game. And after me angry comments, they say, i merged this match».

Athlete notic: «hardly athletes from the hundreds will imitate the loss for some bonus. Bookmakers complain that this is hapaneng at the level of the challenge. But the system and there will be no problem».

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