Stanislav Konstantinova Interpreted For Plushenko: Heat It Is Undeservedly

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July 22, 2022
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Figurist of stanislava konstantinova left from the plushenko academy without any offense. We disassemble in our sports news, why the figure skater konstantinova stood up for plushenko and what he thinks about the attacks in his address.

Stanislav Konstantinova interpreted for Plushenko: Heat it is undeservedly

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The figure skater stanislav konstantinova expressed an opinion on the current situation of evgenia plushenko as a coach

The russian figure skater stanislav konstantinova became one of the main newsmakers of figure skating in the early 2021. A 20-year-old single changed a group of valentina chebotareva, with which she worked for 10 years, at the evgenia plushenko academy. The transition took place in february 2020, and during this time stanislav did not have time to reach any career heights and victories, but the noise in the media transition has done enough.

In «angels plushenko» konstantinova trained in the group of alexander volkova, who, by the way, there are no longer at the academy – the coach stopped working with two-time olympic champion and gone, taking with him young artem kovaleva. Stanislav gone a little earlier than the mentor – in early january 2021, immediately after the execution of one of the main roles in the new year’s show plushenko.

The care of the former coach of stanislav konstantinova, as well as herself, was absolutely painless: the parties wished each other good luck and thanked for jointly done work. The cause of the departures were in the lack of ice, the figure skater told about the more detail. In his recent interview «sport express» stanislav admitted that it was ready to go to the roller in the slides, to which it is quite difficult to get without a personal vehicle, but even there for a figure skater was not enough ice.

Nevertheless, the well-known figure skater of russia does not defeat any offense on his old school, which proves her opinion about the hadesheskaya plushenko. Especially the newly new coach fans were unbelievable due to the transitions of sasha pouches, alena kosostna, sergey rosanov and other representatives of the group eter tutberidze.

According to stanislav konstantinova, evgenia plushenko unfairly condemns each mistake of his wards, against the background of which scandals often occur. The figure skater called madness the fact that so much hatred is sent to an athlete with such merit and popularity.

«Athletes are not robots. Sasha coward rides with a large number of quadruple, it has the right to error! We are not iron. Blame plushenko for every mistake of his athlete…», – konstantinova said, adding that other coaches do not blame.

Stanislav emphasized that plushenko – a good coach who conscientiously performs his work and in no case hears the relationship, which haters regularly show to it.

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