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April 19, 2022
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People’s depeuty from the party «servant of the people» is the author of an alternative bill number 2285-4, filed in the verkhovna rada on november 6 of this year.

State Supervision Of Gambling Business Should Carry Out a Separate Specialized Authority - Taras Tarasenko

Position regarding certain aspects of the activity of gambling business in ukraine, taras tarasenko expressed during the round table, which took place in ia «ukrinform».

First of all, he noted that for effective state supervision of gambling in the country, you need to create a new body.

«I understand that since 2009, the gambling business in our country was not, professional professionals who could provide such control until there was enough. In this case, you can take advantage of foreigners. However, whether the ministry of justice will provide such supervision (it is proposed for this) – i’m not success. Therefore, it is for ensuring such supervision a separate specialized authority. Corruption risks in this case, i do not consider not so significant, given that the ministry of economy will determine the activities of such an authority and appoint it to the head. I consider it expedient to register the criteria for the selection of such an employee and the requirements for authorized persons who will carry out control over the activities of gambling business in ukraine», – named people’s deputy.

In addition, tarasenko led the example of latvia as countries where they want to limit the gambling business:

«They have a very spread and damages the state – not financially, but it is the rights of persons in connection with an elevated level of dependence on gambling business».

To prevent such in ukraine, the people’s departments proposes geographically limit the gambling business, as well as establish more significant age restrictions.

In the country you need to create a new body

«The draft law that was filed first of all, 18 years have been provided for restricting access to gambling halls, alternative – 21 years», – explains tarasenko.

Also, according to him, an alternative bill allows to participate in gambling business only to enterprises and other residents of ukraine. At the same time, foreigners access to the ukrainian market will be closed.

«The state should provide a balance. It is necessary to filling the state budget (3 billion uah) and ensuring the protection of people’s rights. It is the territorial principle that such a balance will be able to create such a balance. Open online monitoring introduced and developed on the basis of the state authorized structure, will also ensure the rights of citizens of ukraine. Another gambling business is associated with other unlawful activities, so you need to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to ensure proper protection of the population.

I believe that the bill must be finalized. Now registered one major and seven alternative. I believe that all authors need to develop intensively with the attraction of the cabinet of ministers and develop one document to create an effective system of gambling business in ukraine», – tarashenko says.

We will remind, earlier we reported which court proceedings are in the history of world gambling.

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