Stats Perform And Nativewaves Announce The Launch Of The Application With The “Screen Screen”

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November 18, 2022
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Stats perform, sports and summary collection and summary, and nativewaves, which are engaged in streaming and high-precision synchronization with ultra-low delay, announced partnership and launch of a new product, which will allow football fans to observe synchronized and personalized live broadcast on devices with the second screen.

This tool combines data and analytical capabilities stats perform with streaming technology and multi-channel synchronization offered by nativewaves solutions.

Nativewaves, located in austria, uses streaming technology with ultra-low delay to provide a solution for high-precision synchronization that allows viewers to choose what they want to see. It provides instant access to alternative camera angle, sound streams and data streams without any delayed sequences or interrupts to improve viewing impressions.

 "We are glad to cooperate with the leader in sports, such as stats perform to provide new experience to sports lovers worldwide," adds eve vimmers, general director of nativewaves. "The combination of an extensive data array, analytics and information from stats perform with nativewaves technology allows us to complement each other and create a unique experience that offers a number of monetization opportunities.".

Nativewaves is part of the sports partners partners intelligence network (spin) of stats perform, which combines leading technological and consulting partners with leading stats perform solutions in the data and sportstech to develop new offers for the sports market. Stats perform embodies innovative rates, media and teamwork / player performance and is a leader in using ai to verify how games and players are evaluated. Spin partners range from broadcast infrastructure suppliers to high-techware companies, to system integrators and not only, creating a reliable affiliate ecosystem to meet the needs of the industry.

"Today’s fans want to create and control their own viewing impressions, and we are pleased to start this partnership between stats perform and nativewaves, which gives fans huge personalization opportunities. The new solution combines the possibilities of streaming and synchronizing with ultra-low delay of nativewaves with advanced data and sports analyst stats perform, which allows fans to watch the match, using the viewing angle and information that they are important, "said senior vice president of the global partner partner stats perform wayne ford.

In the first stage, cooperation will affect football. In the future, other sports will be added.

Source official site nativewaves

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