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March 23, 2022
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Stats perform, sportstech leader in the field of data and technologies of artificial intelligence, and ligr – live graphic systems, the leader in the field of cloud broadcasting charts for sports leagues and broadcasting companies of all levels, announced partnership to provide extensive statistical data for sports leagues and broadcast companies.

Official partnership personifies more thane year joint projects between stats perform and ligr, including customers such as gravity media, cricket australia, football nsw and queensland rugby league. Partnership combines data on events and tracking stats perform, as well as deep experience with the best-in-class graphics platform for direct ligr sports broadcasts, including access to ready-made professional ligr graphic templates and modules for convenient download, display and compiling commercial gaming inventory. Joint clients will also be able to use automatic ligr graphic mode that uses stats perform data to fully automate the broadcast of the entire game graphics, eliminating the need for a traditional broadcast graphics operator.

Luke makka, co-founder and general director ligr, said:

"Thanks to the world-class data stats perform and advanced resources, sports broadcasters and leagues will be able to use the ligr platform to create large broadcasts with enriched data with world-class graphics in an optimized and economical production process. This workflow of the new generation is self-service, in the cloud, ready for work and is launched in a matter of minutes even for the most unqualified user. It extremely exciting for sports leagues and broadcast companies that create professional broadcasts with real-time data integration with limited budgets, unlike traditional broadcast solutions. Now, more than ever.

Ligr is part of the sports partner network partners perform (spin), which combines the leading offers stats perform on sports analytics (data, analytics, machine learning, computer review and artificial intelligence) with leading partners to develop additional solutions that support joint customers and sports market. Together stats perform and ligr will use new and existing relationships to offer providers optimized, economical and sports sports package.

Senior vice pressident of global partners and channels stats perform wayne ford said:

"Sports broadcasts are relying on a beautiful, fast informative schedule, which defines the narrative of the game, and analyzes extensive data in a visually attractive form available to fans. Intelligent ready graphic ligr broadcast tools combinate advanced events and tracking stats perform to provide an elegant, easy-to-use tool that also simplifies advertising overlay, providing new sponsorship revenues for our customers. We are pleased to cooperate with ligr tools for any broadcast. ".

Source: official website stats perform

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