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May 10, 2022
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Stats perform, sportstech leader in the data and technologies of artificial intelligence, has become the first provider of data on rates that have accredited by the international estimation association (ibia), which has passed an independent audit, for collecting and distributing data on sports events for rates.

This award is a higher assessment of the quality and integrity of betting data and is assessed by independent ecogra experts.

Ibia made an initiative to data providers regarding the audit of rates after determining that the collection of sports data plays an important role in the protection of sports and bookmakers of corruption.

Khalid ali, ibia ceo, said:

"I am pleased to report that stats perform is the first company that complies with ibia data standards protocols published in october 2020. After the independent audit process, stats perform has demonstrated safe and reliable internal procedures to compare the data on sports events for rates and can now use data standards kitemark ».

Sean mccalelagan, general director ecogra, added:

"Stats perform meets all the requirements set out in data standards protocols. The company was well prepared for the audit process, and proven evidence reflected the company’s culture, which corresponds to the basic principles of ibia data integrity standards and seeks to their continuous improvement. ".

Andrew eschenden, the chief specialist at the stakes in stats perform, commented:

"This accreditation was obtained thanks to the tireless efforts in the field of quality and integrity, which our teams on working with sporty data were attached over the past 15 years, and although we are grateful for recognition, we know that we can stop there. We are constantly looking for new threats and evaluate opportunities to improve our processing processes of sports, people and technology.

Sports data runningball and opta from stats perform are selected by leading world copyright holders, bookmakers and price providers to ensure exceptional rates experience in the game for millions of players from around the world.

Jake marsh, head of the corporate ethics department stats perform, said:

"Our priority in stats perform is the integrity of rates and competition markets to which they expect. Effective risk management in our data supply chain requires constant investment, cooperation and commitment to numerous groups of experts who live and breathe the quality of our product. We are very proud of recognition of ibia for our commitment to quality and decency ".

Accreditation followed the recent news about the appointment of stats perform exclusive official wta data provider by tennis. This agreement includes the collection of an operational independent, collected data flow scouting along with a stream of data on the judge’s chair, which a guy of sports data quotes as another testimony of its commitment to the honesty driving, quality and confidence in sports.

Source: official website stats perform

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