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January 11, 2022
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Users try different ways to win a casino. One of them – put chips on red-black in online roulette. The approach allows the use of a bankroll with a minimum risk for a long time. Many strategies are based on this principle, the editors of Gamblingread.COM amounted to an overview of the most effective.

The essence of the strategy is red and black

Playing roulette for the first time, many newcomers face a temptation to put most of the bankroll on a separate number. High coefficients create a deceptive impression of the proximity of a major win. The likelihood that the ball will stop on the selected wheel sector, low. Experienced users know that roulette rates are distinguished by both factors and in terms of the chances of winning. Consider them on the example of a European variety. If the probability of falling out for the number is 2.70%, then it increases to 48.65% for the color of the sector.

Values ​​may vary due to dispersion and features of a particular game.

In the American version, this figure is reduced to 47.37% due to the two green sectors of Zero. The main pattern remains unchanged. Bet on chances in roulette the safest. They are great for long gaming sessions. Most of the strategies are based on a specific principle: the player puts the chips on the color and increases the amount in case of losing.


Description of tactics

Before playing a red-black and green tape measure for money, you need to choose how to change the amount. For example, in the popular Martingale system, the principle of progression with doubling is valid:

  1. The user chooses the initial rate.
  2. Sets chips for one of the colors.
  3. With each loss, the amount is multiplied by 2 times.
  4. When winning, the player returns to the starting value.

The scheme also works for other rates for chances, for example, more or less, even or odd. Similar algorithm has a d’alber strategy. With each loss, the user adds the same amounts to the rack. Oscar Strategy of Grind – a more complex system with the opposite principle. In it, the increase in the bet occurs at each benefit. The session is completed when the amount exceeds the initial value four times.

Regardless which technique was selected by the user, there are several rules that should be held. First of all, you should set the maximum amount that the user is ready to spend without prejudice to itself. As soon as the total size of the supplied chips will reach this limit, the game should be interrupted. It does not matter how much money was won or lost in the process.

Where better to use Roulette Red-black strategy

Playing money under this scheme stands on the sites with a license and verified GSH.

In this case, the deviations in the generator will not affect the efficiency of the system. It is necessary to choose the game with the minimum advantage of the casino. First of all, it is a roulette with additional rules when racing Zero. If there are La Partage or Surrender functions in the game, then when you stop the ball on the zero sector, half of the chips put on the color more or less and even or odd, returns the player. Another rule found in some names – en Prison. If it acts, then when the grain is falling, half of the rates on the chances are fixed on the field until the next round. European roulette is considered the best option for playing this technique, because it is it characterized by the minimum advantage of the casino.

Table with playing

Example game

Consider the Martingale strategy on the example of a classic European roulette from NETENT. The minimum limit in it is 0.01, the maximum – 5,000. The biggest amount that can be placed on chances, reaches 2,000 here. Such limits are suitable for the system, as it is possible to raise a bet for a long time. The advantage of many chips is equal to the double rating of the previous one at the cost of chip, which facilitates the player’s actions at a twofold increase.

It should be started from the bet of one chip with a denomination of 0.01 per red or black. In the case of a coincidence, the same chip is placed on any of the colors, and in the inverse situation – 0.02 on the loser. If the user has not won the next round, the same color is already 0.04, then 0.08 and so on to the first win. Similar actions are repeated until the selected limit is reached.

Advantages and disadvantages of the system

The most weighty advantages of the scheme entered her simplicity. The user needs to do only two types of bets, so even a beginner will be able to master the technique. Another reason to choose this strategy – proven effectiveness. The scheme exists almost as much as the game itself, and many experienced players managed to make sure.

Small winnings – the main drawback. Round coefficients are 1 to 1. Frequent but small payments motivate not all users online casinos, as a result there is a risk to retreat from the selected algorithm and lose. Another minus is that constantly continuing to play according to the scheme will be impossible due to the achievement of the limit. In this regard, it makes sense to choose games with the high top threshold of rates for chances.

Advantages disadvantages
Easy methodLittle winnings
Proven Effectiveness of the StrategyAchievements of the Limita

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