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August 5, 2022
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The popularity of high-quality product is universal – a successful game will be appreciated in any country of the world. This also applies to the developments of mascot gaming, which will be integrated by slotegrator, a company that, using the apigrator solution, provides the best slot machines of all types.

SUCCESSFUL UNION: Slotegrator Integrates Mascot Gaming Products

This is a reference article that does not promote services or products (in accordance with h. 2 s. 2 of the federal law 13.06.2006 no. 38-f3 «about advertising», is not advertising).

In an effort to the uniqueness and recognition of products, mascot gaming and sound elements that make up the first impresion of the game, and also adds a lot of exclusive chips that attract the attention of a foreign player when it gets used to visual design.

Among the popular taitles of the company: the riot, bamboo bear, anksunamun, the myth and others. Thanks to html5 development technology, mascot gaming products are available on any devices and all popular software in legal jurisdictions.

The history of the company lasts only four years, but for such a short time, its products have become becown worldwide, it was awarded for successful work, and the development processes are so debugged that mascot gaming releases 12 games a year.

Of course, such a successful partner is an excellent find for slotegrator – the company hopes for fruitful and long-term cooperation.

In turnship department ilya rybasov commented on the partnership, expressed inspiration from working with slotegrator as a provider of games, as well as confidence that developer products will increase the value of the offer to players abroad.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the apoigrator technology, which allows you to quickly integrate the games in foreign online casino – including products of several companies in one session, which saves the time to the customer. Among the developers available to integrate games from 75 developers: from card games to virtual sports, from slots to bingo.

We remind you that from july 1, 2009 outside of specially created gambling zones (in the republic of crimea, altai, krasnodar, primorsky krai, kaliningrad region), gambling can be carried out only in bookmakers and tote. All other gambling establishments can be opened exclusively in gambling areas (federal law of 29.12.2006 no. 244-fz).

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