Sulcher Believees That Fred Can Replace The Bulk In Manchester United

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April 15, 2022
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Paul waste for almost a month did not go to the field in the composition «manchester united». Cause – ankle injury, but to say that this seriously influenced the game mj, it im impossible. Apparently, the head coach came to such observations «devils» – uhh gunnar sulcher who found a replacement for him. Read more in material.

Sulcher Believees That Fred Can Replace The Bulk in Manchester United

Fred became disapointment of the season, and now it can be the savior

Most experts at the end of the conclusion that brazilian fred became the main disapointment in the apl. Midfielder joined k «red devils», when the team led jose mourinho, and could not get used to the the realities of the premier league. He was the main star of donetsk «miner». Speaking for him, he was called in the brazilian national team, but he did not work in the start in the start. Losing a place in the club, he stopped entering the application and national team. Butt, apparently, his status may change in the near future.

On the main transfer of this summer – in our material.

Paul battle – main star mj – in early october, he was injured and connes to restore. It would seem that such a loss was to seriously affect the game «red», but if it is not surprising, in the team looks more coordinated. Moreover, having failed the beginning of the season «manu united» finally sport a series of three matches worthout defeat, first playing a draw with a table leader «liverpool», then beaten «partisan» in le i «norwich» in apl.

The fact that the team can live and without a field, the head coach itself notic «devils» – sulcher. Espn leads the words of norwegian that fred, in general, can replace the effort during his absence. At the same time, of course, the uh radically declares the uselessness of the field and does not forget to add that the frenchman is a real diamond and very talented.

However, experts believe that the world champion is not long to stay as part of the mj. Paul – home media person «mancunians», he gets a high salary, but wants to win trophies. In its turn, «manu united» stuck on the period of restructuring. From here and rumors about loaning, and interest in his person «real» and «juventus».

According to the fansasts of sulcher, the fans will not see it on the field approximately until decept. Considering this time fred will be able to prove its willwest, and the bulk, on the contrary, will get a chance to leave the team in the winter transfer window.

On the meeting of the field with zidan, we we wrote in a separate article.

Earlier, we we wrote that the injury could be in psg.

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